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updated:13 Dez, 2002

Company History

In 1973, Kurt A. Kausch, a freight forwarder from Hamburg, established BRASIL MUNDIAL CONTAINER SERVICE in Sao Paulo. He set himself the task of building up a tank container link for chemical products and liquefied gases to operate between Germany and Brazil. This took place when the development of tank containers was still in its infancy, at a time when it was difficult for anyone to believe that an Operation of this proportion could be successful.

BMCU in South America determined that safe transportation of hazardous goods was essential and accordingly, set up a large, modern Fleet of tractor units to comply with German standards an hazardous goods. The driving staff - and this is probably unique in South America- were trained to the highest German standards to ensure efficient transport procedures supported by sound technical knowledge.

12 years later, Kausch established BMCU - TANK CONTAINER LEASING GmbH in Hamburg to accommodate the needs and requirements of a growing list of customers and to provide a sound basis For BMCU‘s own philosophy of high safety standards. BMCU now has its own large Fleet of tank containers built according to the requirements an materials and registration standards currently prevailing in Germany. In this way, BMCU has complete control over the safe carriage and transport efficiency For the goods entrusted to lt.

Furthermore the transport of box containers and breakbulk increased that it was necessary to establish “BMCU - INTERNATIONELE SPEDITIONS GmbH”

The main task of “BMCU - INTERNATIONELE SPEDITIONS GmbH” is the freight forwarding and transport between europe and south america in all variations.